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PFF 2022 Winners

BREAD: Quick Bread  1st Place

Apple Pecan Streusel Bread- Elena Tirre

Butter Pecan Bread with butter pecan glaze- Silverio Burgos

BREAD: Quick Bread 2nd Place

Maple Pecan Pie Muffins- Julia Scheiderich

Zucchini Pecan Bread- Jax Evaro & Dusti Weber
BREAD: Quick Bread 3rd Place

Banana Bread- Renee Pokorny

Pecans in Paradise Bread- Tony Poe

BREAD:  Yeast Bread  1st Place

Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns- Cathi Buchman

Dutch Oven Jalapeno Cheddar Pecan Bread

Jenna Schoeppner

BREAD:  Yeast Bread 2nd Place

Pumpkin Pecan Cinnamon Rolls- Shirley Gonzales

BREAD:  Yeast Bread 3rd Place

Pecan Pie Babka- Valeria Bejarano

 CAKES:  Un-iced 1st Place  Pecan Butter Rum Cake- Elena Tirre

CAKES:  Un-iced 2nd Place

Pecan Crumb Cake- Debora Juarez


Pecan roll with ginger and pumpkin-

Kimber Lockridge & Beverly Lockridge

CAKES:  Un-iced 3rd Place

George’s Pecan Fruit Brandy Cake- George Jarden

Cakes Chocolate Kahlua Cake w/ Pecan Topping- Bernadette Acosta

CAKES:  Iced 1st Place

Hummingbird Cake


Chocolate Turtle Cake- Jenna Schoeppner

CAKES:  Iced 2nd Place

Pecan Zucchini Cake- Judy Johnson

Sour Cream Coffee Cake- Austin Roberson
CAKES:  Iced 3rd Place

CAKES:  Decorated Cupcakes 1st Place

Pecan Pie Cupcakes Sofia Roybal

Chocolate Coconut Pecan Cupcakes- Brynlee Kane

CAKES:  Decorated Cupcakes 2nd Place

Pumpkin Spice Pecan Cupcakes- Joelle Gallegos

CAKES:  Decorated Cupcakes 3rd Place  

Butter Pecan Cupcakes- Lacey Knight

CAKES:  Other Cakes 1st Place

 CANDY 1st Place

Five Minute Chocolate Fudge- Amy Zemler

Pecan Brownie Bombs- Hope Rices
 CANDY 2nd Place

Pecan Pie Truffles- Sofia Roybal

Pecan Brittle- Kimber Lockridge & Beverly Lockridge
 CANDY 3rd Place

White Chocolate Pecans- Samantha Carrasco

Pecan Brittle- Maria Roybal
 COOKIES:  Drop Cookies 1st Place

COOKIES:  Drop Cookies 2nd Place

George’s Vegan Double- Pecan Fruit Brandy Drop Cookies- George Jarden

Pecan Butter Cookies- Brynlee Kane
COOKIES:  Drop Cookies 3rd Place

Butter Pecan Cookies- Jewel Rivera

Butter Pecan Sugar Cookies- Clint Van Dommelen

COOKIES:  Bar Cookies 1st Place

Streusel topped pecan blondies- Joy Lightfoot

Pecan Bars- Ian Zepeda and Anthony Gonzales
COOKIES:  Bar Cookies 2nd Place

George’s Vegan Double-Pecan Fruit Brandy Pastry Bars-

George Jarden

Pecan Shortbread Squares- Veronica Vargas & Angel Hernandez

COOKIES:  Bar Cookies 3rd Place

Pecan Pie Bars- Ruth Meyers

COOKIES:  Other Cookies 1st Place

Turtle Thumbprint Cookies- Shirley Gonzales

Maple Pecan Shortbread Esther Heerema
COOKIES:  Other Cookies 2nd Place

Pecan Pizelles- Celeste Gamache

 Cinnamon Pecan Biscotti- Mikayla Dees
COOKIES:  Other Cookies 3rd Place

Pecan Pie Cookies Elena Tirre

Pumpkin Pecan Snickerdoodles-

Kimber Lockridge & Beverly Lockridge

 Eddie Flores

PIES:  Cheesecake 1st Place

Cheesecake- Mini Crème Brulee Pecan Cheesecakes-

Daniel Martinez & Mia Maldonado

PIES:  Cheesecake 2nd Place

Caramel Pecan Cheesecake- Michelle Cardenas

Greyson’s Miniature Pecan Caramel Cheesecakes-

Greyson Baldillez

PIES:  Cheesecake 3rd Place

PIES:  Other Pies 1st Place

PIES:  Other Pies 2nd Place    

Apple Pecan Pie Kimber Lockridge & Beverly Lockridge

PIES:  Other Pies 3rd Place    Pecan Joy Pie- Greyson Baldillez
PIES:  Tarts 1st Place

PIES:  Tarts 2nd Place

Pecan and Black Sesame Mooncakes- Carolyn Archer

PIES:  Tarts 3rd Place

Pecan Tarts- Joy Lightfoot

PIES:  Traditional Pecan Pie 1st Place

Mama Lane’s Pecan Pie- Alma Ulrich

Aubree Kane and Brynlee Kane
PIES:  Traditional Pecan Pie 2nd Place

Pecan Pie- Valerie Bejarano

PIES:  Traditional Pecan Pie 3rd Place

Pecan Pie- Isaac Kolosseus

UNUSUAL DESSERT 1st Place  Pecan Paris Brest with Pecan butter Mousseline- Elena Tirre Pecan Tamales- Jessica Perez
UNUSUAL DESSERT 2nd Place  Toasted Pecan Cream Mousse- Debora Juarez Butter Pecan Ice Cream- Vivana Rauch
UNUSUAL DESSERT 3rd Place  George’s Vegan Double- Pecan Fruit Brandy Luncheon Dessert Mountains with strawberry Cream

Pecan Jelly- Abigail Gracia Serrano & Dana Gonzalez

SAVORY 1st Place

Smoked Pecan rubbed New Mexico Red Chile infused Beef Jerky-

Renee Pokorny

SAVORY 2nd Place

SAVORY 3rd Place

GLUTEN-FREE BAKED GOOD 1st Place  Gluten Free Carrot Cake- Elena Tirre  
GLUTEN-FREE BAKED GOOD 2nd Place  Gluten Free Key Lime Pie- Celinda Hernandez  
GLUTEN-FREE BAKED GOOD 3rd Place Onnie’s White Cookies (Hard Meringues)- Aubree Kane  
 SUGAR-FREE / KETO 1st Place


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