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The Oklahoma Annual Convention & Trade Show Recap

An organization can achieve so much more with the support of its dedicated members, just as individuals achieve more when they are represented by a capable organizational body.

Members of the Oklahoma Pecan Growers Association help us reach our goals as we support them and grow their knowledge about the Oklahoma pecan industry!

Membership with OPGA means coming together with like-minded individuals to achieve common goals. There are many OPGA events throughout the year, but none are a better model of this idea than the OPGA Annual Convention & Trade Show!

The Annual Convention & Trade Show Recap

The Annual Convention & Trade Show was such an exciting event, and we loved seeing everyone who was able to attend. From our Pecan and Food Shows to our field trip to Joe Ihle’s orchard, this event was everything we hoped for and more!

Didn’t get to make it this year? We certainly missed you, but know that these photos are sure to make you excited about attending next year!

Go to our Facebook page and view more photos from this spectacular pecan event! While you’re there, follow us for more event updates and industry news.

There’s also an annual Food and Pecan Show during the convention where pecan-based recipes are turned in for judges to choose a winner. Afterward, the remaining dishes are auctioned off for others to enjoy! Want these recipes for yourself? You can buy the 2021 Food Show cookbook!

Additionally, pecan growers can enter their pecans in the Pecan Show for a chance to win based on their hard work and wonderful product.

Follow this link to view all the winners of the 2021 Food and Pecan Show!

Join Us For These Great Benefits!

If this year’s OPGA Annual Convention & Trade show looks like something you’d like to attend in the future, we’d like to invite you to become a member so you can attend in 2022 at a discounted price!

There are more benefits to being an OPGA member than just great events. When you join us, you also get:

Access to The Monthly Hull email updates

In-depth industry information from trusted partner organizations

Field days and other educational opportunities

Networking events throughout the year

A yearly subscription to Pecan South and The Pecan Grower Magazine

We’re dedicated to helping pecan growers like you not only increase pecan growth, but also nurture connections within the industry for lifelong partnerships and success. Don’t wait, become a member today!

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